Tuesday, January 10, 2012

shifting spaces

At times, we look forward to it. We want it, for we expect that along with it will come certain aspects we desire for. Such instances, one can safely say, don't come along too often.

In most other instances, we dread it. We seem to be overcome by a certain fear. When it is not fear, it is just plain inertia. We avoid it, and try not to think about it. We pretend it won't come. Even if it does come, we feel better of assuming it won't affect us. When it is there, we even go as far as resisting it, knowing fully well that it is futile, and that sooner or later, we will have to learn to take it in our stride, or just accept it with a resignation.

It does happen though. More often than we realize, definitely more often than we might want it.

This time around, I am embracing change. Why? Just 'for a change'! The bum shall henceforth be found, here.